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Books and stuff of d00m

I haven't updated in a while, no?

Well, today was a good day. Nee-chan has been here since yesterday because she stayed the night. She is actually staying another night but she is in the living room right now. We rented movies yesterday and I've been on a movie craze ever since. So far I've watched, in order as follows, Just Like Heaven,Waiting,and Red Eye. The first one was good. I loved Waiting and the third one was pretty dumb.


I bought new books on thursday when Heather, Lea and I went to Merced. I got:

Go Ask Alice
Shattered Mirror-Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Midnight Predator-Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Pirates-Celia Rees
The Faery Reel-Various Authors
The Water Mirror-Kai Meyer

I already read Go Ask Alice it took me around half a day if that. I just started Shattered Mirror a few hours ago. I'm excited. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes has been my favorite author for a long time now and I finally have most of her books. I've read them all except the two I just bought...and I'm still waiting for Wolfcry to come out. Anyway, Mary was saying there is a song about Go Ask Alice so I was wondering if anyone knew who it was by because no one seems to know and I really wanna hear it. The book was so sad. I cried at a few parts. I think it was because it was so real and something so close to how people these days feel. Perhaps, I just relate really well to her. I realize it was a diary and therefore, her actual feelings, thoughts, ideas, but it was easier for me to wrap my brain around that with this book. For instance, Anne Frank was written back in the 1940's and she spoke with such maturity and intelligence for her age that its hard to picture her life and her as a real teenager. With Alice the things she went through were so real and so intimate I don't think I could have handled it if it had been me. Anyways, I better get going- I wanna check out some communites.



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