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c_trin: :D *waddles around*
c_darien: *chibi dance for no reason*
c_trin: *in a taco suit for no reason* xD
c_trin: *frolics to "what a wonderful world" for no reason*
c_jesse: x3 *gnawing on trin's taco suit*
c_trin: *while still in taco suit*
c_trin: you're eating my taco!

A little

'Simple Design'- Breaking Benjamin
'American Baby'- Dave Matthew's Band
alas, I have been lacking in both updating and commenting. Mary came out of surgery fine though was in some pain. We (wowo, susan, michael, lea, and myself) went to see her on thrusday. I got a little quesy but otherwise all was well. She was supposed to come home today but she was getting a blood transfusion, due to lack of blood and a rising temperature so it might be on sunday according to the doctor. I mean't to ask Barney last night which was it but I dozed off and he was asleep by the time I snapped out of it. ah well, I guess I shall just have to wait and see.

In other news...

Lea and I spent two days at her wowo's hanging out with mikey. We rented movies. We got:

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2. The House of Wax
3. The Ring
4. Tank Girl

I loved loved loved <3 <3 the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake. Johnny Depp was perfect for that role. It was great. I never actually finished The House of Wax because it was pretty stupid from the start. Lea finished it though and comfirmed that it was pretty stupid. The Ring I had already saw but we got it cuz lea hadn't and I guess Michael hadn't either. I always liked it and they enjoyed it as well. Tank Girl was frikkin awesome. Kudos to mikey for making me watch it.

I made icons! yay! I'm on a streetteam for the chronicles of Narnia and they asked us to maketh promotion icons, banner,etc. etc. so here they are. A little rushed since I didn't spend more than 5-10 minutes each....I LOVE TUMNUS....he is teh sex.

Narnia Icons...you know you want 'emCollapse )

o0o d00my cheese

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. Even if we've never met in 'real' life. When you're finished, paste this little paragraph in your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

pumpkin craze

Today I carved a pumpkin and yes, I'm very well aware that halloween is over. I don't care, lol. I was sick on halloween and didn't get to do much so today I declared that the pumpkin was getting carved...invader zim style. :D I remember as a child my favorite part was taking out the seeds and goop. I hated using spoons cuz I wanted to feel it squish between my fingers. Now, tainted by the perverted egos of the world I hear that and thing something gross. XD However, retain the love for it and made Mary let me play with the seeds before she seperated them and cleaned them. Anyway, my pumpkin didn't come out as good as hoped but I did it for fun so I didn't care. My favorite part now, (other than the playing with the squishy stuff) is when you first take the top off and look into the pumpkin..its this beautiful web of orange and tan. Call me wacky but I find it really pretty. It looks so delicate and masterfully crafted..like a spider's web. I almost feel sorry for destroying it but then I remind myself the pumpkin will rot either way. Blah. pictures under the cut if you're interested. Sorry for the poor quality, lea and I had trouble getting the pumkin centered and I finally gave up and snapped a ton of pictures and took off. heehee.


Bitchy journal.

Lets see....

[_] Reoccuring nightmare that seems to only cease when the sun rises.
[_] two hours of sleep..most of which filled with the previous nightmare.
[_] a pounding headach.
[_] a deep irratating anger with all family members.
[_] things left unsaid.
[x] all of the above.

Yeah. I'm in a bitchy mood. I've had the same motherfucking morbid screaming nightmares for the past two weeks. The kind that makes you wish you'd go slightly blind just so you didn't have see all the gore...always with the same chalk white motherfucker who haunts me. Maybe venting will make him go away? Okay fine I'll try that..nothing better to do since I cannot sleep.


Reminder to me:


Nov. 2nd, 2005

[x] cup of hot chai w/milk and sugar
[x] decent fanfictions
[x] left-over halloween candy
[x] music on winamp
[_] sleep

Ah, the simple things in life. :]

I noticed livejournal changed a bit. Interesting. I like it.

My sister called me last night needing my help which I would be happy to give if she wouldn't keep bailing on my ass. Funny, ever had those relatives that only come around when they need something? This is how I feel about most of my family. Eh, I guess I'm sound like a shelfish bioch huh? maybe...but I'd give her my help if she'd call me back to let me know when she needs it. Ugh. frusterating.

warning: angry rant aheadCollapse )

Flashback: Oct. 31, 2005

Trin: I love all the little kid costumes
Lea: I know little kids are so cute..they take the candy and run......greedy little bastards.
Trin/Lea: *lmfao*

End Flashback

With virus particles comes puke...

Okay so my past two days have not been so great. On sunday I came down quite suddendly with the flu. It sucked ass, sparing you most of the horrible details I must have barfed around 50 times. Stomach acid is yellow...and tastes like earwax. yay. Yesterday was Halloween. Happy belated halloween peeps. I felt a little better..was actually able to keep food and water down. got dressed into some actual clothes and threw on my kitty ears for the hell of it. Heather came over a little later and is staying the night (its 1:24 AM) I have the headphones on right now because she snores loud enough to make me wanna take a gun to something.

I feel a little guily. Halloween is my favorite holiday and its lea's too and she was looking forward to the whole puca project (ailea) see her journal for details but I couldn't really leave the house due to the being sick and crap. Then I wasn't thrilled on the taking pictures because although I am feeling much better I still feel like shit. Not so much with stomach but everytime I stand my head starts spinning and energy is used up quickly. So when one feels like shit one usually thinks they look it too. She says not to worry about it but I still feel guilty.

I wonder how nee-chan's hallow's eve went...

My mom called me and wished me happy hallows...she knows its my favorite holiday. Always has been. She says she is gonna come visit me in about a week. I'm excited yet not. I know it will be short lived since she'll probably only stay for the day...Anyway my head is doing the spinning thing again so I'm gonna go lay down in the living room....(Heather kicked me out into the living room because I wanted to shut off the tv so I could sleep...and she wanted to watch it...I came in here 15 mins later and she was passed out sprawled out over where I'd be sleeping...snoring. fuck.)

Oct. 29th, 2005


My, this journal lacks recent entries. Alas, I altered the journal customications a little bit. Credited to lea for inspiration. Her coco-themed journal is awesome. Anyway the font may be harder to read for some people. :| I don't care. I like it. :P

In other news, I stayed the night at Heather's house last night.


Trin and heather: *sitting on Heather's bed playing blackjack with game money for bets*
Trin: *winning* MWA HA HA HA
Heather: If there is a god he will let me win this next round.
Trin: *grins and deals*
Trin: *hand: 21. one ace. one king* Either there is no god....or he doesn't like you very much.

End Flashback

It was pretty fun. Watched some Degrassi. CSI: Las Vegas. Ate stuff. Went to a late show of Tim Burton's The Copse Bride. Awesome movie...I was happy to finally see it. I'm probably gonna go again tommorow with my brother to watch something. I talked to my mom again..she still isn't sure on what she is going to do. Move back or fly home. My sister finally got a big spoonful of my crazy uncle Billy and apparently they are no longer on speaking terms.She admitted to my mom that the gracie stuff was true but avoided openly admitting she was wrong. Call me immature but after weeks of her hounding on me for talking to Gracie...when I get her on the phone I'm gonna greet her with a big fat "I told you so..."

I should do some homework right now. I read some of my history homework last night at Heather's but had trouble concentrating. The grammer homework is killer. Breaking down sentences into the five sentences patterns and then structures. I wanna talk to Nicole about the Algebra/Math Credits but I think I'll have to wait til next tuesday because I have a feeling she is gonna be dashing around worse than Alice in Wonderlands' white rabbit this tuesday. Apparently, the Juniors and Seniors are taking their exit examines. I can't wait for mine in the spring. I wanna be done with this horrid high school crap which is why I wanna take on another class to earn some more credits and hopefully graduate a year early.

So Halloween is this tuesday. I'm not throughly excited as I usually would be. Lea and I are doing this Puca Project thingy I guess...Renee is off with Jesse. I'm not sure what Heather is doing and Brandon I think is hanging out with Aric and Luis. Maybe heather can come here with us and do the puca project. Other than that I think we are just passing out candy to all the flithy earth worm babies that come to the door with sticky fingers and slobbery faces. *gags just thinking about it*
Still halloween has always been my favorite holiday...the Samhain for Wicca and I'm looking forward to that aspect of the holiday. Sadly after this local department stores like K-mart and Target will have to stop mixing Santa with giant pumpkins and witches along with turkeys. I just looooove corporate america. Come October...*gasp* Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations all in one. *gags again*

I wish I had the buffy seasons on dvd. Well if I go to the movies tommorow maybe I can grab a few seasons from Sal. (He has all of them.) Eh, well I suppose this useless info will suffice until the next time I motivate my lazy arse to update. Yes, yes. I know...you'll pray that day very comes. ;P

Farwell my sexy muffins.
*excited* SQUEE!!!11

whoo, today so far has been a great day. Sal called me earlier and I talked to him for a while and shortly after my brother called. According to him he is now 5'6" which makes him taller than me. this does not thrill me but I haven't talked to him in so long...it felt so good. I forgot how much I missed him, lol. I'm rambling, I know..but then I called my mother because...

Oct. 19th was her birthday and recently Sprint joined with Nextel making the two companies as one. >_< I HATE HATE HATE LOATHE my phone service now. The signle fades more often. I'm almost always roaming when I never ever was and it takes forever to alert me when I have a new voicemessage sometimes it will be the next day before I find out about it. Its bullshit. So joy joy...on my mom's birthday my phone was tweaking..again so I assumed hers wasn't working either (We have the same model and service plan) so I didn't bother calling...well hers was working so I didn't call her on her birthday...which I felt terrible about. So my phone started working again today and I called her...only to find that she is in CALI. She had just gotten off the plan 30 minutes before...SQUEE.....excited...I must stop now...I'll finish later....