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Modern Tango

tales of dances among the stars

10 December
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Brief Info:

craftname: Veikko
music: rock, alterntive rock, new age, techno, electronica/dance, foriegn music (japanese, celtic)
bands: Linkin Park, The Postal Service, Godsmack, Tori Amos, Eminem
religion: wicca.
hobbies: poetry, reading, art, astral projection, remote viewing.
b-day: Dec. 10th.
zodiac: sagittarius
element: fire
heritage: english, irish, german, italian, native american.

book(s): Hawksong- Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, You don't know me- David Klass.
movie: Ice Age, Sin City.
artist: jhonen vasquez
food: sushi
color(s): red.
holiday: halloween
season: winter
comic: JtHM
TV show: invader zim, buffy the vampire slayer, samurai champloo, paranoia agent.
scent: roses, rosemary
writer: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
animal: cat, wolf, serpent
genre(s): fantasy, romance, horror, adventure.

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Tak is Hideous Love.

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Zim is Disguised Love.

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♥Shutterbox is Love♥

Marriage is love.

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